Care and Maintenance the Power Tools

WARNING: The power of the tool must be cut, when the Tools are used to adjust or replace accessories and spare parts.

1.Your power tool serviced by a qualified repair person must use the same spare parts for replacement. This will help ensure the maintenance of the security of the electric power tool. Found the products there are any problems, the company’s maintenance department to repair.

2. Time plus grease. Electric hammer accumulated working time of about 250 hours, fatliquoring each cylinder plus 50 grams. Should use the specified grease.

3. Keep a complete, clean tools. The air vents are clear.

4. Regular checks of the power cord, power plug, switch is good; drill bit is sharp; brush grip is loose. Any failure or damage to parts for repair or replacement of parts, specialized personnel.

5. Tool use, timely maintenance. The plastic shell is dirty, used soft cloth, do not use solvents. Due to gasoline, alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, ammonia will damage the plastic parts.

Do not power line contact with the heat source, grease. Prevent the power cord scrape, cut or rolled bad.

7. Tools when not, should be stored in a dry, clean and non-corrosive gas environment.

8. If the damage to the tool, to send specified Repair Shop repair.

Note: the wrong tools or any damage occurs by non-professionals repair tools, do not belong to three bags of scope.



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