• Rotary Hammers

    Rotary Hammers

    The Rotary Hammer can drill into concrete,masonry,wood and metal.And wtih high power, low vibration, Full range of electrical rotary hammer drills, power drills, with key or keyless, SDS plus or Max chuck.
  • Demolition Drills

    Demolition Drills

    The Demolition Drills with super crash damage performance and low vibration and low noise.The demolition drill adoptting unique shockproof system, which can make use of workers work long hours, and to improve work efficiency, comfort and safety.
  • Breaker Hammers

    Breaker Hammers

    The Breaker Hammer is a type of hammer with a metal cuboid head with diagonal supports on its surface.An interrupter in which contact is broken by the movement of an automatically vibrating hammer between a contact piece and an electromagnet, or of a rapidly moving piece mechanically driven.
  • Combihammers


    The combihammers is a 3 in 1 combo which can be used as the rotary hanmmer drills and demolition drills and breaker hammer.Innovative combination drilling and chiseling systems.
    • Gasoline Jack Hammer

      Gasoline Jack Hammer

      Gasoline jack hammer without compressors, hoses or cables, which is ideal for all kinds of simple and convenient work. Using this machine,we can ignore the trouble of electric generator , air compressor,the pipe line,electrical line,cable.It will bring us the convenience for higher,further and more heavy work.
    • Electrical Paint Mixer

      Electrical Paint Mixer

      The paint mixers are electrical power tools for painters, the mixers are widely used for mixing paint, chemicals, resins, epoxies, mud, ink, adhesive, block fillers and slurries.
    • Impact Drills

      Impact Drills

      An impact drill is a conventional power tool equipped with an additional impact mechanism that allows for efficient drilling of masonry and concrete. The impact drill used to drill into a variety of hard, aggregate materials such as brickwork, cement.
    • Angle Grinder

      Angle Grinder

      We’re angle grinder, side grinder or disc grinder professional manufacturer, The angle grinder used for cutting, grinding and polishing in metalworking and construction, and auto body repair shops.
    • Electric polisher

      Electric Polisher

      Electric polisher is a kind of electric polishing tool by the base fabric cover, polishing and cover the basic components. Motor fixed on the base, the fixed pads with the taper sleeve through screws are connected to the motor shaft.
    • Circular saw

      Circular Saw

      The circular saw is the carpenter’s all-around tool,Circular saws can be used for crosscuts, bevel cuts and ripping such materials as plywood, hardwood and softwood, or marble. commonly designed with a wood-cutting blade, they can also be fitted with blades to cut masonry, metal or plastic.
    • Drill Bits/Chisels

      Drill Bits/Chisels

      The Drill bits are for rotary hammers and combihammers drills with Carbide tipped drill bits,core bits.which is used in concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry,and other natural materials.The Chisel is Primarily for breaking applications and chipping, scaling, or finishing work.
    • Spare Parts for Power Tools

      Spare Parts For Power Tools

      The armatures and stator are for our power tools products,which with Fan-cooled motor,Expert quality and Professional design for industry use.