Rotary Mixer Mod 6001

electrical rotary mixer

rotary mixer mod 6001 applicable for mixing virgin material



Power rating: 370w

Power supply: 230V/50Hz

Capacity app rox: 50L

Size mixing tube: 65L

Speed: 55rpm

Dimensions: 66*59*56cm


Tool connect ion: M14

Paddle: T1⊙400mm

Packing: 136pcs/20’    284pcs/40’



1. Applicable to mix color,regrind,virgin material and all kind of plastic raw material  and color.

2. Install with safety device and projection,Installed with power control device to ensure safety.

3. Helical circular mixture,fast and equal stirring.

4. Fully stainless steel contacting parts,rust free and easy to clean.

5. Standard M14 mixing bar in the market. Bundled and optimal power transmission via the tool fitting to the mixing paddle, allowing the mixing power to arrive where it is needed in the material mixture. The tool fitting simultaneously enables fast changing of the mixing paddle.


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