Countries in the world to the requirements of Chinese power tools are increasingly stringent


With the times and social progress, power tools market is booming, electric tools become society’s most widely used metal tools. Meanwhile, due to various kinds of electric tools give consumers the quality of the damage also occurred, therefore, the world of their own power tool on the market requirements are becoming increasingly stringent.

Recent EU introduced new industry standard hardware, power tools for the metal developed a special 60745-1 standard, its purpose is to establish standardized hardware power tools, to enter the European market for electric tools products, technical specifications, thus reducing or avoiding electric tools consumer harm. Europe also launched Electrical Certification Act.

Related enterprises to export to the EU specifications and series of all power tools, pre-export must be certified through the EU Directive appliances and Gasch mark expiring products to timely apply for certification. In addition, the power tool within the detection time, companies need well in advance of the preparatory work. Enterprises need to accumulate more experience deal involving products will be based on EU regulations to be adjusted accordingly, otherwise it will be eliminated.

In this regard, grasp the importing countries exporting hardware tools power tool safety regulations and standards, such as the latest EU standards require power tools to highlight important; enterprise product design, quality management personnel should be familiar with and understand the standards in the development and design of products, not only to consider the product’s shape and function, but also to test based on exports to the country, focusing on product safety.


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