How to choose the right polisher?

Random Orbital vs. High Speed

There are two main types of polishers: random orbital and high speed. Random orbital polishers not only spin in place, but also orbit around a center point, lessening the potential of over polishing a certain area and damaging the paint or scratching the surface. High speed polishers only spin in place, so if not used correctly, could lead to paint and surface damage. High speed polishers can be more efficient and can product optimal results if used appropriately, but can also be dangerous if put in the wrong hands.

Choose The Right Pad

Choosing the right pad may be the most important part of polishing with an electric polisher. For example, wool pads have their purpose, but if you’re looking for a delicate polishing, wool pads will only disappoint, as they are intended for fixing deeply damaged paint jobs. Most polishing jobs call for much softer pads, such as those made out of foam or a softer material.


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