Hi-Power car Electric Polisher HB-P-03

Hi-Power car Electric Polisher

Electric Polisher is used for washing on high-grade products



This product is mainly used for washing on high-grade products such as cars, furniture wax, beauty, the place such as surface treatment, effectively improve the work efficiency and work quality.


Imput Power:110W


No load speed:3000r/min

Pad size: 240mm


Packing:26.8 x 24.8 x 23 cm



1.With Hi-power and Works at high speed to save time and hassle.

2. The eccentric wheel drive roller shaft drive, this structure can easily apply wax to the car surface and can keep clearring stain. In the work, the fuselage are not automatically sliding and marking the sign because of rotating or waxing.

3. Using the triple shock sponge cushion, reduce vibration intensity and enhance comfort.

4. The eccentric wheel rolling bearings are installed on the electrical writers turn resistance system, protect click from damage and safety protection.

5. New design high resistance to damage, low noise motor

This post is also available in: Spanish



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